Underway With The Wine-Voucher-Guide: Zornheimer Weinstuben

As announced before, here you can read another review from the series “underway with the wine-voucher-guide”.

Since traditionally we still had to go out for dinner for Easter, I thought I might just do it the easy way and pay the Zornheimer Weinstuben a visit to redeem my voucher there.

Quick piece of advice: it is very important to reserve a table – there are plenty of people who enjoy going there just as much as I do.


Zornheimer Weinstube by Rheinhessen LIVE

For someone who has not been there yet – its very petite and cozy …

Eingangsbereich in der Zornheimer Weinstube by Rheinhessen LIVE

… and stretches over several contorted yet open floors. Important to know if stairs are an issue.

Should that be the case, it is recommended to let them know when reserving a table because there are also some available on the ground floor.

erster Stock in der Zornheimer Weinstube by Rheinhessen LIVE

We had the luck of getting the table on the middle floor – one of the most desired because it is also the only one on that level. For Easter everything was adorned with simplistically beautiful decorations.

Osterdeko in der Zornheimer Weinstube by Rheinhessen LIVE

Admittedly, the requirements to redeem the voucher are not of the small kind.

If you plan on going with two people it is required to take an appetiser, a main course, a desert, and a glas of wine – each.

However, if you do it really pays off. The voucher gives you a 25% discount on the grand total.


So it is less suitable for your standard wish for a restaurant visit but rather for when you want to eat out and enjoy every single bit of it.

And for these occasions the Zornheimer Weinstuben excels.


The menu of our choice might give you a little bit of an insight on what to expect. First off, they have a permanent menu on which you find everything you could ask for – vegetarian dishes included. That one is complemented by a seasonal menu. The latter is always good for a culinary surprise, again most of the time with a vegetarian option as well. Furthermore the wine menu is nothing to sneeze at – whether it be regional or global wines, served in just a glass or a whole bottle.

Our appetisers were as following:

Vitelle Tonnato with rucola

Vitello Tonato in der Zornheimer Weinstube by Rheinhessen LIVE

-> slices of prime boiled calf on tuna creme with capers and rucola salad

Salat mit Ziegenkäse in der Zornheimer Weinstube by Rheinhessen LIVE

-> roasted goat cheese with delicious walnuts and rucola salad

Both appetisers were garnished beautifully and flavourful. With the Vitello you could definitely taste that everything was home made!

And meanwhile a delicate Quinterra from the local vinery Kühling-Gillot presented us with a liquid adventure of tastes – low on acid and with a very full note.

Wein von Kühling Gillot in der Zornheimer Weinstube by Rheinhessen LIVE

Our main courses of choice were lamb stew and rumpsteak

Lammragout in der Zornheimer Weinstube by Rheinhessen LIVE

-> lamb stew in coconut cream sauce with fragrant rice and Papadam (a kind of indian bread)
The stew was pleasantly mild for a dish with an indian touch as well as incredibly tender and the bread was very fresh und crisp.

Rumpsteak in der Zornheimer Weinstube by Rheinhessen LIVE

-> rumpsteak “vintner way” with onions and champignons with a salad side dish
Cooked on point, just as ordered, with a sumptuous and fresh salad

After we let the previous courses settle for a bit, we opted for two deserts: strawberries and soufflé

marinierte Erdbeeren in der Zornheimer Weinstube by Rheinhessen LIVE

-> strawberries au gratin with – á la carte – walnut ice cream. However, they are always open for special requests; that is why we had it with vanilla ice cream instead

Schokoladensoufflé in der Zornheimer Weinstube by Rheinhessen LIVE

-> white chocolate soufflé with mango sauce and mandarine sorbet
An absolute dream in white – I was allowed to try a spoonful – with a soft gooey centre.

When we were all done it was no problem at all to redeem the voucher – but please remember to let them know in advance while making the reservation that you plan on doing so.

A visit to the Zornheimer Weinstuben is always worth it if you want to dine with friends or family in an exceptional ambience – or even if you want to surprise someone with a candle-light dinner.

DISCLAIMER: NEITHER did I receive any money for this post NOR did I get any additional discount on my food which I paid for myself. Furthermore I did NOT receive any extra copies of the wine-voucher-guide.

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