Underway With The Wine-Voucher-Guide: Winery Fleischer

Early conclusion – redeem voucher, buy wine and meanwhile casually save the rainforest – possible at winery Fleischer!

But lets start from the very beginning, shall we …

Last year when I spotted the wine-voucher-guide for the very first time in one of my favourite shops in Nieder-Olm, Akzente, I did not hesitate long. We enjoy exploring Rhinehessen and I appreciate wine which I normally buy directly from the vintner.
Great, the perfect gift for my husband (and me).

Wein Gutschein Führer by Rheinhessen LIVE

As it usually goes, at first the booklet spent quite some time in a drawer until I encountered the wine-voucher-guide again while visiting the Rhineland-Palatinate Exhibition.

Mr Stolzer had a stand as part of the Regio-Wine and was immediately eager to introduce his product to me. “Of course, I already have that” was my reaction.

That is when he spontaneously offered me to raffle off some copies.

Great idea – but a simple raffle, just like this?
No – this called for a blog post, the wine cellar just got emptied anyways – et voilà!



Since we have already bought wine at winery Fleischer many times before and it is located quite close to us I chose them for my first live test of the voucher-guide.


On site, Mr Fleischer welcomed me and after a quick professional check …

[columns] [span4]

white – red ?


dry – semidry ?


Riesling yes – no

… I was presented with the first wine to try.

Sauvignon Blanc vom Weingut Fleischer, Mainz, by Rheinhessen LIVE

A very delicate Sauvignon Blanc, fresh and with a pleasant mineral tone. Afterwards we continued with my beloved burgundy wines.
Unfortunately their new pinot gris will not be bottled until later this week. Therefore I “had” to give the pinot blanc a try instead, which I enjoyed so much that it immediately landed on my purchasing list.

During my tasting another customer arrived and quickly, as it is Rhine-Hessian fashion, everyone was deep in conversation.

Winzer Fleischer, Mainz, bei Rheinhessen LIVE


But of course that did not stop us from trying more wines.

The next test subject was also a hit!

Cuvée Isis, Weingut Fleischer, Mainz, bei Rheinhessen LIVE

Are you a fan of Blanc de Noir? Then you have to try this one!
Already the very same evening I opened a bottle of this wine when a friend, who also loves Blanc de Noir, came over … she loved it!
Full-bodied, beautifully coloured, dry Cuvée from Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon – truly a treat!

By now I already had two wines for myself on my purchasing list so it was time to attend to the Rieslings – for my husband.

The range of Rieslings was enormous – especially of low in acid ones grown on lime soil.

Riesling Selection, Weingut Fleischer, Mainz, bei Rheinhessen LIVE

We started out with the dry Riesling Spätlese, which Mr Fleischer likes to label as a “terrace wine”. “Come home from work, make yourself comfortable on the terrace with your feet up on the table, and enjoy a glass.”

But there was one more, we had to try – even though it was not the proper order…
However, I had to try the bestseller of Fleischer wines. It is the Riesling Classic, labeled Riesling Selection, originating from 42 year old wine stocks.
A real droplet.

Last but not least there was the wine for a good cause – 50° north, a Riesling as well.

50° Nord, Weingut Fleischer, Mainz, bei Rheinhessen LIVE


Already the label gives away that this wine is something special.
We all know that Mainz is located on 50° Latitude North – but that rainforest is located on the same latitude was news to me.
And before you ask yourself: does this have anything to do with wine? Well, quite a lot!
For every bottle sold of this wine five square meters temperate rainforest in the Toba valley in Canada will be put under protection.
Last year they sold approximately 1.500 bottles of the winerys first certified organic Riesling – or in other words: 7.500 square meters of rainforest have been saved from destruction.

As I see it that is a cause worth supporting. So the wine counts double – my husband likes it and it preserves the rainforest 😉

And with that my selection was complete – shopping was done.

I had already presented them with my wine-voucher-guide at the beginning and therefore shown that I was out for a bargain. That, however, had no influence what so ever on the tasting experience or the atmosphere. Quite the opposite even – I felt like I could have easily tried many more wines and the whole experience has simply been great!

Wein-Gutschein-Führer by Rheinhessen LIVE


Whilst Mr Fleischer packed up my order I took the opportunity to take a look around the hall and discovered this intriguing arrangement of bottles – honestly, I don´t even know how one would call such a huge bottle or how much it holds. Definitely something I will ask the next time I am around.

von Kleinflasche bis Magnum, Weingut Fleischer, Mainz, by Rheinhessen LIVE


One last piece of advice: If you should decide to buy some wine here during the cold season, I would recommend you wrap yourself up well! The atmosphere when tasting your potential purchases whilst standing amongst all the barrels is terrific but wine is known to prefer it a bit chilly…

Normally, this is where my conclusion would go. This time, I did that in advance so instead please feel free to comment here if you already had your own experience when purchasing wine with the wine-voucher-guide.

Positive feedback and criticism are equally welcome!


DISCLAIMER: NEITHER did I receive any money for this post NOR did I get any additional discount on my purchase which I paid for myself. Furthermore I did NOT receive any extra copies of the wine-voucher-guide.

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