Stijl in Mainz – the first – 2015

The Stijl in Mainz will take place this weekend – so I used my Saturday to be on the look-out for the local exhibitors.


Stijl by Rheinhessen LIVE


Fluffy cuddly toys and many utensils that embellish life – all that is available here, even as unicum!
Everything is hand crafted by master tailor and designer Jana Mattes.

purchasable online here

Jamata Stijl by Rheinhessen LIVE


Fenns Filz

Incredibly colourful and fluffy accessories – all of which can also be admired live at their store in the Gaugasse!
Always worth a visit!

purchasable online here

Fenns Filz Stijl by Rheinhessen LIVE



Handicraft and design – which is what the carpenter and communication designer Peter Feldmann merges in his label.
Did you know that 90% of the collection is “fairwear” and quite a lot of it even in accordance with the GOTS (global organic textile standard)?

purchasable online here

Päfjes Stijl by Rheinhessen LIVE



Olson & Hektmati

From the very beginning I was looking for them but did not find them until my third stroll around the exhibition. Since they simultaneously were at another exhibition, their partners from Asphaltinstrumente helped them out.
So if you are looking for their hand-crafted longboards and the latest skater fashion, you will find that at their store in the Neubrunnenstrasse 10 in Mainz!

purchasable online here

Aspahltinstrumente Stijl by Rheinhessen LIVE



Zur Anprobe

Melle Münz is already an old hand at the “Stijl”.
Have you by any chance already participated in any of her sewing courses?

purchasable online here

Zur Anprobe Stijl by Rheinhessen LIVE



Claudia Diehl always excels with wonderful ideas – the latest being her brass crafts!

purchasable online here

Designzauber Stijl by Rheinhessen LIVE




Simone Nossek stays true to her motto: from old to new!
From architecture to fashion jewellery – rings, bracelets and necklaces – often upcycled from buttons found on flea markets.
Always present at many exhibitions!

Goldnäsjen Stijl by Rheinhessen LIVE



WAs MAchen SAchen – which is German for: what do things do!
Although only founded in 2013 by certified designer Roman Krug he already has his own shop in Mainz.
Comfortable and individually printed – nothing from the shelf – that is the way he designs t-shirts, sweaters and bags with original prints.

purchasable online here

WaMaSa Stijl by Rheinhessen LIVE



Schmidt Verlag

Known by insiders, the eclectic and sophisticated publisher from Mainz is once again to be found at the Stijl with a broad selection of publications varying from the topics of design and litho to “specials”.

purchasable online here

Schmidt Verlag Stijl by Rheinhessen LIVE



Hendrikson & Schneberger 

New at the exhibition and – as far as I could tell – the only exhibitor of furniture here is a team of architects, carpenters and metal workers.
They offer very practical and flexible concepts for your interior design.
My personal favourite was a wardrobe that could be transported without taking up a lot of space.

purchasable online here

Hendrikson&Schneberger Stijl by Rheinhessen LIVE



The cuddly toys made by Käfa are just amazing – with fiberfill or granules as interiority they just beg you to cuddle them!

Käfa Stijl by Rheinhessen LIVE


Eulchen Bier

Some people pursue a bachelor´s degree, some brew beer – and some just do both!
New here at the exhibition: the very likable guys from Eulchen Beer.

Here you can relish it!

Eulchen Bier Stijl by Rheinhessen LIVE



And speaking of treats – the team that makes up Annabatterie did a phenomenal job of supplying the visitors with delicious snacks to eat and drinks.

Annabatterie Stijl by Rheinhessen LIVE



And so did the Möhren Millieu, which was positioned right next to the main entrance – there was a great crowd.

Stijl Mainz 2014 by Rheinhessen Foto Möhren Milieu









Do you already know Schrebergarten? Always worth a visit with its Kumpir! Kumpir are big oven backed potatoes whose interior has been crushed and mixed with butter, salt, and cheese. Afterwards it will be filled with various vegetarian ingredients and sauces, depending on what you order.

Schrebergarten Stijl by Rheinhessen LIVE


And last but not least…

have you heard of the Craft Beer Zentrum in Mainz before? They also hold seminars and have a gargantuan selection of different beers.

Craft Beer Zentrum Stijl by Rheinhessen LIVE


Well, and that was it for the first day of the Stijl in Mainz 2015. Good luck tomorrow – and hopefully see you next summer!

Thanks again to the team of the Stijl for your support – they even had an info booth this time 🙂

… Mal sehen bei welcher Location! Fingers crossed that you can stay loyal to Mainz!

Stijl Mainz 2014 by Rheinhessen Foto









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