Handing Over the “Wine-Voucher-Guide” to the Winners

With bright sunshine outside, all the winners of the “wine-voucher-guide” raffle met punctually on friday at the Fleischer´s winery of the city of Mainz in Mainz-Hechtsheim.

Mr Fleischer welcomed us already in proper style with a delicate Riesling champagne in the wine hall.

Übergabe zu Gewinnspiel Wein-Gutschein-Führer - Ansprache

The following GOLD Cuvée, a champagne made from pinot blanc grapes, was nothing to sneeze at either!
A little more semi-sweet and heavier on the fruity notes than the Riesling champagne – still, both wines quickly acquired their own fanbase.

Glückwunsch zum Wein-Gutschein-Führer - Infos zum Wein

Before we moved on to the more casual part – the wine tasting – Dirk Stelzer handed out all the “wine-voucher-guides” and naturally we posed for a group photo so you could see who everyone is that took part and won!

Glückwunsch zum Wein-Gutschein-Führer - Gruppenbild mit Rheinhessen LIVE

None of them really look unhappy, do they 😉

Afterwards all attendants seized the opportunity and indiscriminately tried out the great wines made by winery Fleischer.

Glückwunsch zum Wein-Gutschein-Führer - Weinprobe

Be it red, white, Blanc de Noir or rosé wine – we did not spare any bottle.
The black Riesling matured as a rosé was liked by many whilst I, personally, remained faithful to “my” Blanc de Noir “Isis”.

Glückwunsch zum Wein-Gutschein-Führer - was steht da genau?

Expertly the colour was scrutinized …

Glückwunsch zum Wein-Gutschein-Führer - optische Begutachtung des Weines

… and likewise we tried to identify the formerly mentioned aromas.

Glückwunsch zum Wein-Gutschein-Führer - Riechen gehört dazu

As you can tell we all had a great time doing that …

Glückwunsch zum Wein-Gutschein-Führer - Gewinner

… so that even the younger ones´ interest was awoken to what there was to see and smell.

Even if in this case the young gentlemen had to remain with grape juice – but look at that handling!

Glückwunsch zum Wein-Gutschein-Führer - der Nachwuchs

Dirk Stelzer, family Fleischer, and of course I wish all the winners a good time while testing out their new “wine-voucher-guides”and maybe hope to read one or the other comment about your experiences on here in the near future.

See you soon!

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