Rheinhessen is beautiful!

For around 20 years now I call this marvelous strip of land my home. Born in Franconia – Lower Franconia to be more precise – I did not have a hard time feeling comfortable in-between all those vineyards. At first resident in Essenheim and now for nearly 20 years in Zornheim, both of these villages offered the perfect conditions to explore Mainz and Rheinhessen.

So the next logical step would be to do that in form of a blog, right?

My motto:
The journey is its own reward

Therefore it should not come as a surprise that this blog includes a vast variety of topics – everything that catches my interest and brings me joy will be incorporated here.

Of course I will also look further and report about intriguing things happening in the close and not so close surroundings.


I am furthermore running two websites, that I don´t want to withhold from you, which will be actively included into this blog.




Lucy - der Wanderhund Rheinhessen

Oh, of course I cannot forget about my most zestful supporter. Without her, we would probably never have done even close to the amount of hikes in the region we have!

May I introduce to you:

LUCY. Black Labrador and family mascot.

Birth: 2008

There is no hike without her!



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